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Tips for successful divorce mediation

When a marriage comes to an end, two people must separate their lives. Mediation has grown as a cost-effective method for completing this process.

If you are considering divorce, mediation may be a beneficial choice for you. Consider these tips to help make the mediation process a success.

Do your research

You and your spouse may choose to undergo mediation yourselves, or the judge may require it. Either way, the two of you may select your own mediator. It is important to understand that though there are state standards for serving as a mediator, not everyone who calls themselves mediators hold their certification. Therefore, it is critical that you do your research, and possibly attend a consultation before selecting a mediator. Selecting an attorney who is also a mediator may also be beneficial. Their extensive knowledge of the law can help with ensuring that the divorce terms and documentation are accurate and lawful.

Have goals

Mediation largely consists of negotiation. Therefore, you should go into the mediation with goals in mind. If you know you want specific assets, it may be helpful to consider what you are willing to trade to obtain it. Going in with the give-and-take mindset can help with making the process go smoothly. In cases where children are involved, you and your spouse should work to make the kids a priority. Developing a parenting plan is essential and necessary for the courts and for creating a new form of stability for the children.


As with divorce proceedings in court, you and your spouse must review all assets during mediation. Therefore, you should prepare by collecting all financial documentation. It may also be beneficial for the two of you to list out all assets, whether marital or separate. This can assist with speeding along the division process.

These are just a few tips that may aid in the mediation process. Take some time to review it for yourself to determine the best option for you.

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