Child Support

State-mandated child support calculations make the determination of child support a mechanical exercise in most cases. The child support calculator takes into account each parent's income, each parent's expenses and the number of overnight stays a child will have with each parent.

So while it is true that child custody and child support are separate issues, child custody and visitation arrangements are taken into account when child support is calculated. Contact the law offices of Brown Law, APC, to learn how we can help ensure that your rights are protected as child support is determined for your family.

  • We can gather from you the necessary information to help you estimate what your child support payments should be (whether you will be paying or receiving child support).
  • We can advocate for your right to spend as much time with your children as possible.
  • We can help you craft unconventional child custody and support arrangements to work around your job — which will have an impact on your child support obligations if you are the paying parent.

For experienced counsel and representation concerning child support in California, contact a family law attorney at 805-666-1013.

The sooner you come to talk to us when divorce is under consideration, the better. Our Ventura lawyer can give you practical suggestions on how you can prepare for a favorable outcome in your child custody, child visitation and child support orders. Since child support is determined in part by the amount of time that you spend with your children, it is important that you be ready to provide evidence of how much time that is.

Examples of steps you can take right away to prepare for the best attainable outcome in your child custody and support case include the following:

  • Keep a log of all the time that you spend with your children.
  • Have written evidence that you know your children's teachers, doctors, dentists, coaches and child care providers by name, with contact information on each one.
  • Note any irregularities that you are aware of with regard to the other parent: drug use, abusive stepparent figures or any kind of child neglect.
  • Avoid getting into arguments with the other parent. Allow no opportunity for false accusations of domestic violence, domestic abuse or child abuse to come up.
  • Assuming that you live apart, transfer children between the two of you in neutral, public places.

If you know or believe that divorce is around the bend for you and your spouse, contact the law offices of Brown Law, APC, to schedule a consultation. Learn how to take concrete steps now that will make a difference when your child custody and visitation order is under consideration. We also handle support modification and enforcement cases.