Paternity And Father's Rights

Establishing paternity is an immensely important action for many mothers and fathers. For a mother, without the establishment of paternity, she has no leverage by which she can legally collect child support. Conversely, for a father, he has no rights to custody/visitation/parenting time.

It goes without saying that these can be crucial elements to obtaining stability in a family law situation. While they can be addressed without counsel, mistakes can lead to unnecessary delays and costs. As such, they should be treated with the utmost seriousness. If you and your loved ones are faced with paternity issues in or near Ventura, California, our attorney and team are ready to put our more than 25 years of legal experience to work to help you achieve your goals in the best possible way.

We are prepared to help guide you through the paternity process in the most efficient and effective way. We will take the time to understand the scope of your circumstances and develop a strategy tailored to your unique situation. We know the stresses of family law issues and always seek to keep our clients informed and empowered, regardless of the challenges they face.

We encourage you to schedule a consultation to discuss your issues as soon as possible — we are here for you.

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