Domestic Violence

Domestic violence/family abuse issues are arguably the most serious to arise in all of family law. No member of a family should endure violence or abuse — physical, emotional or psychological — at any time. Likewise, no one should be victimized by someone lying or frivolously alleging abusive conduct in an attempt to gain an upper hand. If you or a loved one is facing these issues in Ventura, California, or in the surrounding regions, get help immediately.

By reaching out to a skilled lawyer, you can immediately protect your rights, safety and well-being in any domestic violence situation.

We at Brown Law, APC, are prepared to bring our more than quarter century of experience to help you resolve any domestic violence issues. We are prepared to help establish a restraining order, so that we can put an immediate halt on any abuse you may be facing. Additionally, we are prepared to help you aggressively defend against a frivolous restraining order so that you can see your children, enter your home and possess a firearm.

We understand the severity of these situations and are dedicated to protecting you and your loved ones in the most effective ways. We will structure our aggressive advocacy to your immediate needs, acting swiftly but ensuring you are abreast of all developments at all times.

To get in touch and schedule an initial consultation to discuss your family abuse issues with our Ventura, California, attorney, call 805-666-1013 or email the firm.