Custody & Visitation

When parents are separated or divorced, the necessary result is that one or both parents must endure extended times apart from their children. At the law office of Brown Law, APC, we understand the importance of protecting your parental rights both during and after the process of divorce.

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Divorced Parents Can Cooperate For The Good Of Their Children

Even when a divorce is bitter, many parents are able to act civil when it comes to their children. Our initial meetings with you will allow us to get to know the particulars of your family structure and explain the laws that pertain in your case.

Determine The Most Workable Custody And Visitation Arrangement For Your Family

For example, we will discuss how much time a family law court is likely to assign to each parent in a child custody court order. Normally, the courts assume that the goal will be a 49-51percent division of time that children live with the two parents.

However, the reality is very often different, for a number of reasons:

  • One parent may work nights or weekends and need a different parenting plan than the norm.
  • Parents may live too far apart for frequent passing back and forth of the children.
  • Children's school life (or teenagers' part-time jobs) may make an even split of custody between the two parents impractical or even undesirable.

In fact, a 70-30 percent custody division is more common in many split families. The custodial parent bears a great burden in day-to-day care and support of children, while the noncustodial parent may have a greater burden transporting children back and forth between parental homes.

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Amicable Settlement Negotiations Are Best

It is natural and common for separated parents to disagree on custody arrangements. However, even when parents do not agree, we strongly encourage them to reach an agreement working together with their attorney, rather than leaving the decision to an impersonal court system. We are experienced at representing clients in custody mediation. Our attorney is a trained mediator who is available to assist other family law attorneys with their custody cases.

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