One of the most important transitional mechanisms to ensure the financial stability of a family following a divorce is that of alimony/spousal support.

It is important to realize that unlike child support, which follows a much more rigid calculation guideline, the court employs a much more case-by-case discretion in the case of alimony. It will look at a series of 14 variables that consider the length of the marriage, the earning capacity of parties, financial quality of life, responsibilities and more.

Generally speaking, spousal support will last half the length of a marriage less than 10 years. For marriages that are longer, the court will not set a duration.

Because of the nuance and discretion that the court has, it is exceptionally important to partner with the right attorney when addressing these issues.

With a quarter century of experience, our legal team is prepared to help guide you through the most challenging support issues that you may be facing.

Our lawyer practices a policy of transparency with our clients at all times. This means that we are straightforward about reasonable expectations and what may not be attainable. As appropriate, we refer clients to other professionals, such as tax accountants, when a case includes solving problems that are outside the realm of our law practice.

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