Complex Property Division


California Complex Property Division Attorneys

Division of complex property during a divorce can have an immense impact on your future. California considers any property earned, purchased or acquired during your marriage to belong to both you and your spouse.

When you are dealing with the division of complex property, it is essential to contact an experienced family law attorney. The attorneys at Brown Law, APC have more than 25 years of experience in family law mediation, negotiation and the courtroom.

Equitable Distribution of Your Complex Property

Our goal is equitable distribution of your complex property, including:

  • Professional practice or other business
  • Retirement assets such as pensions and 401K accounts
  • Real estate such as vacation homes
  • Stock options
  • Inheritances and gifts given to you during your marriage
  • International investments
  • Hidden assets

We will review business valuations, retirement account valuations and other valuations done for you to determine how to best divide your property, avoid extra tax liability and achieve a just distribution of the debt (including mortgages) between you and your spouse. We can tell you what types of property are better left undivided and negotiate who will keep what.

We Encourage and Facilitate Settlement Negotiations and Mediation

Judges often divide property without regard for your specific wishes. Without a positive discussion about how to split your property, you may end up spending many hours and dollars in court.

Our lawyers are experienced negotiators and mediators. We will bring your needs and interests to the negotiation table. We will defend your property rights in all negotiations and discussions.

If you are going through a divorce and need assistance with complex property division, contact the law offices of Brown Law, APC to schedule a consultation.