Based in California, Brown Law, APC, serves people in need of family law services in Ventura and Santa Barbara counties. Past clients of the firm have commended our lawyers for "honestly doing our best to represent our clients" and for "going the extra mile" as needed.

Even with our years of experience, we remain enthusiastic about the practice of law. Each new client presents new challenges, and receives 100 percent of our effort.

Negotiate And Mediate Family Law Disputes

In divorce, we urge our clients and their spouses to negotiate their own settlement agreements whenever possible.

It is vastly preferable for couples to reach their own agreements that take into account special family circumstances that they know better than anyone else.

You Understand Your Own Facts And Circumstances Best

The alternative is to leave the details of divorce such as child custody and spousal support to judges or court-appointed mediators to determine. These government officials have limited amounts of time and no inside knowledge of the workings of your family.

Potential clients are urged to come in and speak with a lawyer as soon as they believe that divorce or a family law dispute is coming. Decisions made and actions taken can make a difference. It's best to do these things with full awareness of the consequences.

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