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Should you determine child custody with mediation?

Your marriage is ending and you are figuring out how you would like to handle the divorce process. You and your ex-spouse have children, and would like to settle everything as quickly as possible to prevent a stressful, drawn-out divorce.

You both want to be involved in your children’s lives and to do what is best for them. But now you have to figure out what that arrangement will look like on a day-to-day basis. How can mediation be a useful tool for determining child custody arrangements?

Why even an amiable divorce needs an attorney

It seems to make sense: You and your spouse agree that your marriage is over and you believe that you can handle an amicable split on your own--saving you a bundle in attorney's fees. Neither of you thinks it makes sense to involve a lawyer when you can file the paperwork on your own.

There's no argument on who gets what, so why shouldn't this be an easy proposition? Can a cooperating couple really complete a divorce on their own? Yes. Should they? Probably not.


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